We innovate agriculture through advanced technologies

Agricover Tech connects farmers with global innovations in agriculture and facilitates their access to the most advanced technologies, transforming the way they manage daily activities.

We bring value to our partners' business through integrated solutions, designed to increase efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of the farms.

Why you should use the platform developed by Agricover:

  • We have over 20 years of experience in agriculture.

  • We are the market leader in the business segments we operate: the distribution of agricultural inputs and financing.

  • We have strategic partnerships with the most important developers of innovative technologies (Microsoft, ESRI).

Through the integrated business model, we manage to develop unique solutions, based on the AgriBusiness - AgriFinance - AgriTechnology synergy, which farmers can use to reach the highest potential of the farm, adding a complete view of the entire business.

Vision - Access to precision farming for each farm.

Our vision is to be the promoter of tomorrow's agriculture through technology, allowing any farmer to have quick access to innovative digital solutions for a high-performance farm, regardless of its size.


We develop modern digital ecosystems that drive the progress of Romanian agriculture, by adopting the latest world’s technologies. We believe that we can build together with farmers a sustainable and performant agriculture in Romania. We are the visionaries of the agribusiness market and we contribute to the continuous modernization of Romanian agriculture through the development of innovative technological solutions.

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